Remembering The Magic That We Are

“No one is you, and that is your power.”

-Dave Grohl 

We are all victims, victims of forgetting who we truly are. We go through life and forget our essence and true nature. Circumstances, bad experiences, failures often taint the real image of who we are and in the process we adopt counterfeit and lesser versions of ourselves. I know I have been a victim, I have been a victim of forgetting the truth of who I am and the inner “magic” which I possess.

a023f2fede3e41e23cbff48633774d99We often question if we deserve certain things, wonder if good things will ever happen to us because “well who am I to expect such big things?” But the more urgent question is: who are we not to? Such ponderings point to the obvious, but yet too often oblivious fact that we don’t know our worth as individuals. Actually, scratch that, it’s because we have forgotten our own worth and perhaps growing up means going on a journey of trying to remember the fullness of who we really are.

Many of us have moved and drifted far away from the essence of who we are. Somewhere along the way we lose our fires, our sparks and we experience countless casualties of our own dreams and ambitions while we still live. We let our experiences, failures and circumstances define us rather than us defining them for ourselves and allowing them to build us rather than crush us. We let negative words from our parents, abandonment and rejection be the foundation on which we build our identities, identities that are not truly who we are and false identities that rob us of ever experiencing our fullest individual potential.

And this calls us to do a deep soul-work and allow ourselves to be cleansed off of all deceptive stories about ourselves that appeared as truth. It is a time for us to break down every lie that we held on to, one brick at a time…take down every lie that prevented us from living from a place of our most abundant and full selves. And once we break down all these lies, replace them with eternal, beautiful truths that remind us that we are indeed made in the likeness and image of a wondrous God and how dare we ever thought anything less of ourselves.

I want us to remember and go back to who we really are. I want us to go back to the place of innocence before the world got to us and held us as hostages to become people that we were never meant to be. Now I’m going to get personal because these words are not just for us, they are for you, they are for me…

“You are much more glorious than the most beautiful sunsets and much more captivating than a waterfall; for your wonder has no ending and that which pours out of you can break every boundary and barrier.”

So, when you have forgotten, remember that you are worthy. You are deserving of every good thing and blessing that you desire. You are important, your birth was divinely orchestrated in this grandeur of existence. You are much more glorious than the most beautiful sunsets and much more captivating than a waterfall; for your wonder has no ending and that which pours out of you can break every boundary and barrier. If you ever thought that you had to be something or do something to matter, remember that you have always mattered and always will and all that you are now is more than enough. You are meant to be here and you are significant. You were born to create and to love- create and love this world in a way nobody else can. You are uniquely great, magical and enthralling- even you, yourself do not fully know the full extent of your own magnitude. It does not matter who has left you or rejected you, it has never meant you are not worth it, it has never spoken of your value but it speaks of their inability to have recognized the full weight and wonder of who you are. Go on and be brave enough to create and live the life that you love and desire to live. Do not ever settle for the life that you never wanted or desired. Do not settle for a “it is what it is” life when you can very much live a “this is what it will be” kind of life- a life that puts you in a place of power and not defeat. You are really powerful, it may not feel like it but trust yourself, you are a potent force- right here and right now.

I’ll also leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

“Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is only for the chosen few, for the superstars. The truth is, greatness is for us all. This is not about lowering expectations; it’s about raising them for every last one of us. Greatness is not in one special place, and it’s not in one special person. Greatness is wherever somebody is trying to find it.”

-NIKE, Inc.

May we indeed find, and finally awaken to our own inner greatness. May we always remember these truths and more, when we have forgotten who we are. May they not just be words that we read and go on to forget about them, may we live them, may we breathe and manifest them. May we even surprise ourselves at the realization and manifestation of our truest and greatest selves. May we not fear life stripping us off all that we thought we were; but whatever that life may strip us off, may we have the boldness to rebuild ourselves into that which our souls long for us to be. May the tiny, still voice in us remind us of our endless beauty when we may not see it and calm every raging deceptive voice that ever made us believe in less than what we truly are. May we always remember the magic the we are because that’s all we’ve ever been and always will be and while we remember, may we believe and never doubt that wondrous magic. 0c320717e183a5ea905f6f031f4bdc68

With utmost love,


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