Why Motivational Speaking Is Not the Girl She Thinks She Is

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No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. There are no maps of the change. You just come out of the other side.—Stephen King One of the guys that I dated in my first year of university was such a huge fan of motivational talks. Naturally, as a result of our proximity, he tried to get me hooked into them too. But he failed. I never found resonance in someone telling me how to become my “best self”. Being given “10 simple steps” to become wealthy and live my best life …


How to Love Freely When You Fear Abandonment

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My fear of abandonment had made the experience of loving people a very heavy and chaotic experience for me. My efforts at love have almost always been an attempt at possessing those I love so that they may never leave. From micro-managing their loyalty to throwing “tantrums” whenever it felt like their affections were being drawn away from me to someone else.  I had often wondered, why as a great lover of love my relationships often felt like a burden that I couldn’t wait to unburden myself from. That’s because I always tried