How Patriarchy Gaslights Women

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Yesterday afternoon, I found myself just thinking about my online interactions and how I’ve become silent on the things that have always mattered most to me, particularly around sexism and patriarchy. I asked myself what happened. Almost instantly my inner voice retorted back and said, “We don’t speak anymore because we got tired of having men and patriarchy gaslight us whenever we spoke up about the ways they hurt us”.


How Women Are Taught to Chase after Men and Marriage

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We have created such unlevel playing fields between relationships amongst heterosexual men and women. Women will pull all the strings that they can to get a man to give her a marriage proposal. As women, we will fight, sweat and even act out of character just to obtain the last name of the men we love; because it is women’s ears that marriage has been preached to louder than it has been to the ears of men.