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There Is Romance in Friendship Too

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…we miss out on experiencing all the love there is to experience in this world because it does not come in our most ideal packaging. We are constantly putting a magnifying glass on the love we lack rather than the one we are already blessed with. And then wonder why our lives feel so empty. We don’t get to know the full spectrum of love and romance because we draw lines as to where and how it can be encountered. I mean, all the ways that I have always desired for my life partner to love me? Are the very same ways that my friends have loved and shown up for me.


Being the Other Woman: Tales of a Disorientated Hopeless Romantic

It all began with a wave on Facebook after many years of having lost touch. He waved, and I found myself being a character in a plot I dared to never rehearse for. I never imagined a day would come when I become the other woman, fighting and striving for a man to choose me over someone else… Begging for the crumbs of the chunks of love that he already gives to another woman, chunks he has been consistently giving for a good five years. And in my naive idealism, there’s a part of me that hoped (and even thought) that someone would walk away from a relationship that they’ve worked on for so long…